There’s not many tools available specifically for MetroCluster but I’ve added the ones I found below. If anyone knows of any others please let me know and i’ll update this post.

The FMC_DC can be downloads from here -> It will require a NetApp NOW account.

Fabric MetroCluster Data Collector

The FMC_DC is the Fabric Metro Cluster Data Collector which can be configured to gather information on all components (controllers, switches, bridges etc.) of the MetroCluster infrastructure. Once the components have been added a health check can be run. This health check appears as a card on the application and will show whether the components are healthy or need further investigation.

I’d recommend having a look over this document to get started with FMC_DC

While the FMC_DC doesn’t provide any management features it does provide peace of mind that all components are configured so that failover can be successful. If you’re doing a DR test I’d definitely recommend using it.

MetroCluster plugin for VMware
The MetroCluster vCenter easy button is a VMware vSphere client plug-in that provides a MetroCluster tab in the vCenter client. It is only available within the vSphere web client. It gives a “site-centric” view of vSphere cluster inventory, including controllers, datastores, VMware ESX and ESXi hosts, and virtual machines

  • Can perform a controller takeover
  • CFO (normal HA cluster failover)
  • CFOD (cluster failover on disaster: cf forcetakeover -d)
  • Can perform a controller giveback after an HA takeover occurred
  • Can evacuate virtual machines from one site to the other by placing the ESX or ESXi hosts in maintenance mode (requires VMware DRS)

To access the MetroCluster plug-in select the cluster and click Manage. The MetroCluster tab will be at the end.

Metrocluster plugin for vCenter

Once the sites have been configured you will have the below actions available to you

MetroCluster plugin actions

The plug-in cannot automate the recovery process (rejoining of aggregates) after a site disaster; user intervention is required. This means that really the plug-in is useful to perform a takeover but not necessarily a giveback. It’s almost easier to run the giveback command directly from the controller rather than having to use the web console for vCenter

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