Holidays and Career Reviews

There’s always talk about finding a work-life balance. I think in some Utopian life that may exist but for the vast majority of us that’s not the case. Everyday life can be stressful. Work can be stressful. Supporting your family can be stressful. And depending on how things are faring out in home or work areas the scales are tipped decidedly in one direction or the other. Usually it’s never balanced. Travel is one of the best ways to re-evaluate what’s important in life and to re-assess how to best find that balance, are at least get it as close to what matters within your life. I was lucky enough to take a substantial break from work to travel with my family recently and introduce my parents to another grandchild.

I’ve been guilty in the past of putting my work in front of my home life, to the detriment of family relationships. Once we started to have children things changed but work still took preference. My ambition to succeed in my career was put ahead of most other aspects of my life. I had an issue of not wanting to let anyone down and not being able to say no and be assertive to ensure my family needs and that of my employer could both be fulfilled. I had put myself into that position by largely starting out eager to prove my worth and then getting caught out as a power-dynamic then existed that I was unable to get out of. The lesson was learnt the hard way. I’m happy to say that now I’m in a role where the correct power-dynamic exists and I have managed to hit the nice work/life balance which is something I truly believed didn’t exist before.

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Blog name change

Over the past few months, and despite my infrequency with posts, the blog has grown in traffic and general interest. Originally the title of the blog referenced my Irish background and cloud technology. However, the name was very hard for most people that have never learned Irish to pronounce. Also, I feel that just talking about cloud technologies is not solely what I want to cover via this blog. I want to expand it to cover data center technology which is the foundation of cloud technology as well. Hopefully the blog will continue to organically grow and I have a number of posts in the pipeline which should assist with that. To those that have taken the time to read anything on this blog I say thank you.